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April 06 2017

The Phosphorus

It is now time to address the subject of Phosphorus, which is the third essential mineral to the vine.

Indeed Phosphorus enters the composition of the DNA / RNA of the vine and is a support of chemical chemical cell energy. It allows the phosphorylation of organic molecules that makes them reactive (glucose). It participates to the cellular organization, stimulates the roots’ growth (better resistance to the drought) and improves the rigidity of the vine shoots and the fertility of the buds. Phosphorus is also important for its ability to metabolize the energy necessary for photosynthesis of the vine and serves for mycorhization!

The phosphorus P205 is taken by the plant in the form of phosphate ions H2PO4- and HPO42-, under their assimilable form. Only dissolved p205 and adsorbed P205 intervene in plant feeding.

It should be noted that the vine is not very demanding for the phosphorus input, since biodynamics activates sufficient quantities in the soil. The vine needs only 10 to 20 kg of P205 / ha / year in order to satisfy its nitrogen needs.

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