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December 15 2017

The Centenary Box n°6 at Fauchon Paris

1977, 1969, 1945 ... and until 1875, the Roussillon cellars contain vintage treasures, natural sweet wines, fortified to improve their conservation and which have over time gained an exceptional complexity. From Banyuls, the first AOC of Roussillon, to Maury and Rivesaltes, Tuilé or Ambré, these wines are monuments of memory, each flacon witnessing a history and precious memories, to be shared in a moment of eternity.

Gérard Bertrand has researched these rare wines and keeps them in our wine store, for future generations. A part is however on sale now, in exceptional cases, precious wood delicately crafted, which form a unique collection: Legend Vintages.

The greatest vintages of the collection, from 1977 to 1875, are gathered in a solid wood chest, inspired by the Mobilier National, equipped with a secret key which extracts the hidden boxes containing the bottles.

The Centenary Box only exists in ten copies. The first to be available for sale to the general public is at Fauchon, Place de la Madeleine in Paris, from Friday, December 15 at 10am.

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