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January 30 2018

Saga of the grape varieties: Chardonnay

Chardonnay is part of the family of the Noiriens. It is the natural and direct descendant of Pinot Noir, coupled with another old grape: the Gouais Blanc. Originally from Israel, Chardonnay is today one of the most planted varieties in the world. Unlike Pinot Noir, a demanding variety that has trouble acclimatizing outside Burgundy, Chardonnay adapts easily to its environment.

Chardonnay is known for its small, elongated bunches. Its grains, airy and spaced, are tinged with a beautiful golden color during the veraison. The leaves are green and can be full or lobed 5 lobes. Chardonnay is an early grape variety that likes less fertile soils and limestone.

Globally more floral and mineral plant in the North, and more fruity in the South, this grape has the gift of expressing its terroir of production. The aromas are typical, complex and intense, and above all incredibly diverse: dried fruits, hazelnut, grilled almond, exotic fruits, butter, fern, linden, pear, popcorn, oatmeal, acacia blossom, nuts, biscuit ... It is also very quickly marked by the expertise of the men and women of Burgundy which adds to its aromatic complexity. Through winemaking techniques and breeding acquired for centuries, winemakers then sign the greatest wines.

The Chardonnay is part of the grape variety Domaine de l'Aigle and the Domaine de Cigalus, it expresses itself perfectly in the vintage Aigle Royal but also in our Crémant de Limoux Code Rouge and Ballerine.

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