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February 27 2018

Saga of grape varieties : Gewurztraminer

Contrary to the idea of ​​this German-sounding variety, Gewürztraminer is a variety of Italian origin. This is actually the aromatic variety of the traminer - which means "from Tramin", a city in South Tyrol, a region of northern Italy, better known as the Italian Tyrol, and where people speak the language. Italian and German. Transiting in Germany before settling in France in the nineteenth century, the name of the variety will be credited with the word "Gewürz", which means spice. Thus was born the spicy traminer, or Gewurztraminer.

It is easily identifiable by its small round leaves with three lobes. Its berries of light red color, even pinkish, are presented on a small frustoconical and loose cluster. The grape offers a slightly musky juice. Gewurztraminer adapts very well to granitic, calcareous and clay soils. It is a variety that requires good exposure and offers a production of great nobility. Gewurztraminer is most often made from dry wine giving a wine sweet, heady, golden and very aromatic with exuberant fragrances whose spicy flavor seems persistent. Nearly 500 aromatic constituents have been detected in gewurztraminer: floral aromas (rose, violet, geranium ..); aromas of spices (liquorice, cinnamon, caraway ...); fruit aromas (lychee, pineapple ...). These wines are also easily recognizable by their golden peach color. On the palate, these wines are ample and generous.

The terroir of Domaine de l'Aigle in Limoux is the perfect setting for this grape variety that reveals it in a new and unique way for Languedoc.

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