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January 24 2018

Saga of Grape varieties : Caladoc

Caladoc was born in 1958 in Languedoc and comes from the cross of two well-known grape varieties, Grenache and Cot. It was created as part of research to obtain grapes more resistant to run-off. This cross was such a success that he was nicknamed "Grenache that does not run". In addition, the name would be a cross between Galabert (Lake Bouches du Rhône) and Languedoc.

Caladoc matured moderately late, it can be cut short but also led in cup size. It is resistant to sagging but also botrytis and little affected by powdery mildew. We therefore understand the advantage it represents, especially as an alternative to Grenache in the production of rosé. Standing, the bunches are large and the berries are medium in size with small spots on the pruine.

This variety of varietals makes it possible to elaborate complex wines of intense color and with powerful aromas of fruits and spices. The wine obtained is characterized by a good framework giving it the structure necessary for a good aging. It is in rosé that we appreciate it the most, with intense fruit notes such as strawberry, Grenadine or citrus fruits.

Caladoc is part of the grape variety at Domaine de Cigalus, cultivated following th principles of biodynamics and certified Demeter.

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