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June 12 2018

Saga of Grape Varieties: Syrah

Syrah is a black vine, which is present in the Valley of the Rhône, in Provence, in Languedoc-Roussillon and in the Southwest of France. It would come from the Côtes du Rhône area. Today, it is spreading worldwide. It is present in Italy, in Australia, in South Africa, in Argentina, in Mexico... In Languedoc, we find it in the AOP Corbières, Côtes-du-Roussillon but also the AOP Languedoc, Terrasses du Larzac, Coteaux du Languedoc …

It is the weak vine, it doesn’t support the drought, and which is sensitive to the diseases. It needs rich soils to feed. In these conditions, it produces clusters of a beautiful bluish black color and with sweet and spicy juice.

Syrah gives red wines with fruity, spicy and floral aromatic complexity and tannins which structure the wine. It gives fruity rosé wines, with a pleasant and beautiful delicacy.

This vine is part of the grape planting of Domaine de Villemajou, with certain plots older than 100 years old.  It expresses its aromatic expression in the wine La Forge, where, blended with Carignan, it delivers her(its) powerful and elegant aromas of red berries.

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