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April 25 2018

Saga of Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc

The sauvignon is a white vine. The first tracks of its culture go back to 18th century, the Loire Valley and the Southwest region being its birthplace. Today, its culture is exported beyond our borders. Italy, Australia, the United States (in California mainly) and especially New Zealand produces great wines with Sauvignon in numerous regions.

In France, it is very present in the Loire and the Cher Valley, the Côtes-de-Duras, Provence, and Languedoc and in Bordeaux. The bunch of Sauvignon grapes is small, compact and easily recognizable. The grape berries are small and egg-shaped, with a beautiful golden yellow color.

Sauvignon grapes give dry white wines, full of freshness, elegance, and very perfumed. It is characterized by a very beautiful balance between nervousness and aromatic power. Its main aromatic constituents are fruity aromas (apricot, exotic fruits, citrus fruits …) and floral aromas (flower of acacia, orange blossom, violet …).

With its natural acidity and its tension, it wonderfully matches with seafood and it is the ideal companion of goat cheeses. It also matches perfectly with spicy meals of the southeast.

The Sauvignon is planted on the Domaine de Cigalus terroir and it works like a charm on Cigalus White.

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