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June 18 2018

Saga of Grape Varieties: Roussanne

Roussanne is a white vine, native of Montélimar, we can also find it in Savoie and in Languedoc-Roussillon. This vine likes the calcareous, poor and rocky soil. It prefers hot climates with fresh and continental influences. The zone of confrontation between the Mediterranean climate and the continental climate suits perfectly for this vine.

The wine stemming from Roussanne releases very elegant floral and fruity aromas; the honey, the hawthorn, the apricot. We also find touches of herb tea and pear.

This vine is often blended with Marsanne. They complement each other perfectly: together they give light wines, with low acidity, with yellow fruits, white fruits and flowers aromas and with delicate notes of honey. The Protected designation of origin “Corbières” express perfectly the blend of those two grapes. These vines are part of the grape are planted on the Domaine de Villemajou, and express themselves marvelously on the Château of Villemajou Grand Vin White, which is an AOP Corbières.

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