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July 23 2018

Saga of Grape Varieties: Mourvèdre

Mourvèdre is a Spanish vine. In France since the 16th century, it is cultivated in particular in Languedoc-Roussillon, in the valley of the Rhône and in Provence. The Mediterranean soil suits best for the mourvèdre because it needs sun and argilo-calcareous grounds. We also say that Mourvèdre needs to see the sea.

We recognize the mourvèdre with its compact clusters, its spherical bays, of a blue-black skin.

It is used for red wines. This vine of a strong personality gives a structured and tannic wine. It gives to the wine aromas of spices, black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry), of jam and candied fruits with vegetable touches of scrubland or laurel.

The mourvèdre is part of the grape planting of the Château l’Hospitalet for example where it faces the sea. It expresses himself marvelously in the vintage Château l’Hospitalet Grand vin Rouge where it is blended with Carignan and Syrah.

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