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May 09 2018

Saga of Grape Varieties: Carignan

Essentially cultivated in Languedoc, Carignan is native of Spain. It was introduced in the 12th century into all the South of France. This vine is predestined for the hot and very sunny countries, which is why it finds its place on the Mediterranean Coast, more precisely in Languedoc.

Because of its very resistant twigs, it is often nicknamed “hard wood”. Its clusters are rather big. As for its berries, with a blue shade black color.

The wine made of Carignan grape is strongly colored. It is generous and powerful at the same time. Those wines often present notes of spices, ripe fruits (prune in particular) and blackberry or black cherry.

The grape variety is wide-spread in the region of Corbières and is planted on the Domaine de Villemajou, where it expresses himself marvelously. The plot of land called La Forge, vinified separately from the rest of the vineyard, is a plot of hundred-year-old Carignan.

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