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August 09 2018

Saga des cépages : Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet-sauvignon is one of the key vines of Bordeaux. We find it essentially in the region of the Médoc, in the Graves, but we can also find it in the Southwest and in Languedoc-Roussillon. It is planted worldwide, from Italy to China, including California and in countries of the New World as in Australia or in South Africa.

The Cabernet-sauvignon is one of the red varieties with the greatest capacity of adapting to the soils and climates. But, It  shows itself at best on hot and sandy-rocky grounds.

The Cabernet-sauvignon gives to the wine power, structure and complexity which will show itself after a few years of maturing. It produces distinguished wines, recognized for their persistence, with notes of black fruits, violets, and raspberries. Wines from Cabernet-sauvignon are full of freshness, acidity and have well balanced. It gives this impression of big freshness in finale, which can be sometimes a little bit mentholated.

This vine is a part of the grape planting of the Domaine de Cigalus and is present in Cigalus Red and L’Indomptable de  Cigalus Red.

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