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January 16 2018

Saga of grape varieties : Bourboulenc

Called Malvoisie in the Roussillon and Doucillon white in other region, it is the oldest grape grown in the vineyards of La Clape and Corbières. These two AOCs, now famous for their reds, once produced nothing but white since the arrival of the Romans.

Bourboulenc is cultivated mainly in the foothills of the South of France where it enjoys dry, hot and low altitude soils. Depending on the year, the planted density varies between 600 and 700 hectares. We recognize it through its medium size berries, its thick skin with pinkish white color becoming russet at full maturity. Unlike many other white grapes, Bourboulenc is a late grape and is usually harvested at the end of September.

It brings nervousness and little alcohol, with fine floral aromas. It is often used as a secondary grape and blended with Grenache blanc and Clairette, and also with Roussanne and Marsanne where it brings balance and finesse. Bourboulenc produces excellent results in blends. It gives low alcohol floral wines with light and subtle aromas of almond, lemon and apple, to drink young.

The Bourboulenc is part of the vines of Château l'Hospitalet, Domaine de Villemajou, Château de Karantes and Château de Tarailhan.

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