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December 16 2016

Introducing Château de la Soujeole

Soujeole means « Little stream », a name which was adopted by the family which has been running the Estate since the 13th century, borrowed from a tiny stream that used to feed an ancient dam. Gérard Bertrand takes over operation in 2002, aiming to reveal the exceptional terroir hiding in the Malepère appellation: a Mediterranean climate tempered by oceanic humidity, a soil which developed on the Molasse of Castelnaudary, alternating between sandstone, conglomerate stone and marl layers. The varietals allow for the elaboration of great wines, bridges between the Sud-Ouest Grands Crus and the authenticity of Languedoc wines. In 2016 was build on the Estate a brand new winery.

“You can feel in the Château de la Soujeole wines the freshness, the density of the terroir and the alchemy aroused by the blend of cabernet-franc, malbec et merlot." Gérard Bertrand

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