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October 15 2015

Harvest 2015 - The promise of a great vintage

Key Notes from the testimony of our winegrowing and winemaking teams

Facts and figures

Harvest 2015 :

  • 600 ha havested in our estates
  • 2 000 000 vines
  • 16 000 000 grapes
  • 160 harvesters
  • Beginning of the harvest of the white varietals (sauvignon blanc is an early varietal) in Cigalus on August 29th...ending with the long ripening varietal in the western part of the Languedoc, Cabernet Franc at Château de la Soujeole and Carignan at Clos d'Ora on OCtober 10th 2015.

The season 2015 : the power play at the end of the summer for the promise of one of the best vintage in the last 50 years.

End of the winter : Early development of the vines caused by a hotter winter

Spring : allowed a normal growth ended by an early flowering (high potential of ripening and promising an early ripening).

Summer : Summer season with a drought in july ...luckily rain in august pushed the ripening and the veraison.

End of August: a "pushy" ripening delayed the harvest dates of the early white varietals (Chardonnay,Sauvignon...) and allowed the red varietals (end of september and begining of octoberà to be fully ripened (pulp and skin).

Nature this year was full of surprises and it was t our job to accompany the vine through those weather events (drought, storms and long sea wind period). At the end of the summer we were still very careful because we always aim to succeed in a great vintage.

Harvest : at the end of August we took the right decision to do an "effeuillage" (on most of our plots), we strip out the leaves around the grapes, to create the best conditions for the right ripening by letting the wind go through and dry the grapes (after the rain or the wet sea wind).

Every day our teams did a health control of the grapes in each plot, a careful check up of the pulp and skin ripening(polyphénols) complete by tradional grape controls.

By adding the return of the north wind (cers, dry wind) and our ability to "know how to wait" the right ripening, to resist the urge to bring back the grapes to the the winery, le result  was beyond our hopes with a truly exceptional quality.

The ripening of the various varietals, with a thinner difference between the terroirs, pushed us to harvest on a shorter perdiod (compared to previous vintages) with the help of more harvesters.

A particular care was given on the sorting of the grapes in all our estates.

It was the "winning bet" !

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