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June 22 2016

Gérard Bertrand joined the Entrepeneurs d’avenir movement

Gérard Bertrand Group joined the “Entrepreneurs d’avenir” movement which promotes an economic model based on the responsibility, equity and durability.

The code of ethics and sustainability needs to be fundamental and strategic for the economics actors in order to respond to stakeholders’ expectations (clients, employees, partners, suppliers..) and to look for solutions to threats prevailing on our planet.

“Entrepreneurs d’avenir” is a community of almost 900 leaders wishing to combine economic performance and responsibility societal. To develop this sustainable growth, the network mobilizers are identifying organizations where social and environmental improvements are the most innovating to promote them. Others entrepreneurs could inspire themselves as well.

Regionals and nationals communities of leaders are constituting themselves around a variety of topics: societal evaluation and impact, eco-responsibility, CSR and publics markets, responsible purchasing…

This dynamic was launched in 2009 at the National Assembly during the first National Congress of the “Entrepreneurs d’avenir”.  She was followed by new editions gathering more and more leaders: 2011 (Audencia Nantes), 2013 (Paris Conseil Economique Social et Envirionnemental), 2015 (Paris UNESCO). Two regionals parliaments took place in 2012 and 2014 at Lyon. The next one will take place in Bordeaux on December 8th and 9th 2016, in order to bring together the South West France entrepreneurs.

In addition of the parliaments, informals meetings are organized where the networkers converse about them activities, projects and can develop joins projects : These are the Happy Business.

To Gérard Bertrand, join this network demonstrate his motivation to “federate energies and to share inter-enterprise experiences in service to our country, to our heritage and to our Art de Vivre”

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