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November 17 2017

Gérard Bertrand at the Grand Tasting Tokyo

Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve are two of the most acclaimed French wine critics, authors of the famous Bettane+Desseauve yearly wine guide. The two critics launched « Le Grand Tasting Paris » in 2006, with the desire of creating an event where wine aficionados and neophytes alike could gather and share all aspects of wine culture. Nearly ten years later, and for the second year, such experience will become available to Tokyo wine lovers over three days of tasting extravaganza. With winemakers gathering in one exclusive venue and a series of prestigious master classes showcasing some of the world’s finest wines, « Le Grand Tasting Tokyo» continues to convey the values of an exceptional encounter between wine growers and wine lovers.

During the event Gérard Bertrand will present a masterclass of South of France great wines.

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