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May 16 2018

Food & Wine Pairing: Rivesaltes

Rivesaltes is a natural sweet wine and a protected designation of origin since 1936. The land of Rivesaltes is an argilo-rocky and argilo-calcareous soil. The wine is made from the vine of Grenache. After a fermentation in tanks, the wine is fortified and then aged in oak barrels.

Rivesaltes is characterized by an amber color, a nose of dried fruits, hazelnuts and vanilla, as well as subtle notes of orange peel. In mouth, it is ample and round, a real balance between sweetness and freshness. It is characterized by a long aromatic persistence and by its very specific aromas of coffee, dried fruits and especially walnut and almonds.

This exceptional wine pairs marvelously with chocolate due to its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. A perfect pairing would be for example an opera, a typical French with coffee and chocolate, with our amber Rivesaltes.

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