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July 20 2018

Focus on DEMETER certification

The biodynamic methods work at feeding the ground, respecting the alive, the soil and strengthening the life of the ground and the health of plants. It is an agriculture of balance. This agriculture is based on the agronomic best practice used in organic farming and completes them by animating the ground with preparations with healing plants. It uses the natural rhythms are the solar, lunar and global rhythms.

Demeter is the international certification of the biodynamic agriculture. It guarantees the respect for the biodynamic practices on the agricultural domains, as well as the respect for the quality of these products during their transformation.

The conditions to be certified Demeter are the following ones:

-  Be certified organic according to the European organic regulation. The agricultural domains also have to respect a period of conversion. The conversion Demeter can start in a parallel to the organic conversion.

- Respect specifications production for the agricultural domains and the specifications transformation for companies and transformers in the farm.

- Respect specifications of labelling Demeter for products transformed in the farm or in a company.

In 2017, there were in France 418 certified wine growers, which is 5500 hectares of vineyards. Every year, the number of wine growers ready to respect the exercise book of Demeter strict restrictions increases by 15%. Today, 4 of Gérard Bertrand's domains are certified Demeter, the other domains are in period of conversion.

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