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June 06 2018

DO IT YOURSELF: a Bird Feeder

You have a wooden box for a wine bottle and you don’t know how to make it useful? Transform it into a bird feeder with 4 simple steps! You just need to follow the details by clicking on this link:

#1 First, remove the bottom of the bow and the little board to obtain an inversed « U ». It can be difficult because the wood is usually strongly fashened by staples. Be careful to remove it without damaging the U.

#2 Then, cut the bottom of the bow of a length of 21 centimeters, to create the seed container and bird nest. You can set it with wood glue to the U support. You can create little ledges by using the sliding door which is thinner than the other parts of the box. Still, you can use wood glue to fix it to the container (let it set at least 10 minutes).

#3 To maintain the bottle, use the little board you removed at the beginning. Cut it in order to be able to put it in the grooves. Sometimes, the grooves already exist on the boxes. You should preferably use this type of box.  Make a hole in the board of the diameter of your bottle. Either, you can use the bottle support already existing in the box if possible.

#4 Finally, you just need to dig two holes on the top of your feeder and put a rope to hang it up on a tree. And you’re done !!

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