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November 18 2016

Château La Sauvageonne, a terroir with volcanic past

After Aude, we are going in Hérault to discover Château La Sauvageonne, in AOP Terrasses du Larzac, acknowledged as a “cru communal” in 2014 by INAO (AOC regulation institute). Located in Saint Jean de La Blaquières, at the foothills of the Causses of Larzac, its terroir in composed of two different soils: the shales and a type of volcanic soils called the “ruffes”.Known for its amazing landscapes, notably through the red soil rich in minerals, coming from its volcanic past, Gérard Bertrand relate in his book Wine Moon and Stars “Ever since my first visit, I have been struck by the contrasting colours and textures of the soil, the grandiose impact of the volcanic landscape, and the rich, unspoiled proximity of nature”. In this objective of respect for nature, we turned the Château La Sauvageonne to Biodynamic agriculture in 2012. From this great terroir we produce unique wines: reds, whites and rosés. Next week, we will go back to Aude department for the fourth step of this journey.

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