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October 22 2018

2018 an exceptional vintage

A vintage is great when climate and winegrowers work together. But it can be exceptional when nature gives us water and sun at the very best moment. 2018 will be one of these exceptional vintages in Languedoc Roussillon. I did my first harvest with my father when I was ten. He told me that I was a lucky boy because when I turn 50, I’ll already have a 40 years experience. He was true! 2018 is my 43rd harvest, and I can tell that this vintage is one of the most beautiful of my life.

At the end of winter and beginning of spring, we had the chance to have some good rain. The soil needed water and it got exactly what it needed. Then summer was really hot and particularly shiny. Ideal conditions for the development of the vines and the grapes. And then we had 40 days of harvest without a single drop of water which is exceptional. As we run every estate following the biodynamics principals, we work, all year long, hand in hand with nature and could drive the grapes to the exact level of maturity we expect for great wines. The white grapes came to the cellar with a beautiful acidity. The rosé wines already taste great. And the red juicy grapes were harvested at their top level and already show a great potential.

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