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Organic - Biodynamic


In 1924, Rudolf Steiner introduced the practice of biodynamics, a method which involves much more than simply eschewing artificial chemicals. Biodynamic winegrowing involves nurturing the soil and the vines in their natural environment using preparations of plant, animal and mineral origin (cow horns, herb, quartz etc.). The preparations are made with dynamised water and applied at specific times in accordance with the astronomic cycle (moon, sun and planets). The “planting calendar” produced by Maria Thun summarises this delicate natural rhythm, showing the optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting. Biodynamic practices were introduced at the Domaine de Cigalus in 2002. In a bid to introduce the same principles to other Gérard Bertrand estates, biodynamic agriculture is now used for eight of Gérard Bertrand's estates.

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Gérard Bertrand has made a strong, voluntary commitment to sustainable development, responding to the growing demand from consumers as well as the global need to reduce the adverse effects of greenhouse gases on the climate. Establishing partnerships with organic farmers, acting to preserve our landscapes and winegrowing terroirs, and promoting biodiversity are ker priorities for Gérard Bertrand and his winemaking teams. We adhere to responsible agricultural specifications within our estates, applying Terra Vitis and organic farming standards. Some of our vineyards are managed following biodynamic guidelines, certified by DEMETER.

“Preserving the environment durably, restoring harmony, maintaining ecosystems, putting the emphasis on the skill of our winemakers, reaching out to new generations: these are the challenges we face today, and the obligations we will be faced with tomorrow.”

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